What you know about energy is a powerful tool to help you grow an incredibly fulfilling and successful business. Just like we approach symptoms of illness in a client as indicators of an underlying pattern that often involves mindset, emotions, activities, and overall alignment with Source, our business requires the same. When a person is aligned and easily expressing the Source energy within them, they feel vitality, health, optimism and an enthusiasm towards life. The same is true for your business.

At the core of assessing the health of your business is determining how aligned it is with your higher self’s mission, values, and passion. When all of that is being expressed, you attract ideal clients effortlessly, you wake up excited and energized, you sense an abundance of income and time, you feel connected to a greater vision and possibility, and your impact is naturally effective.

So what causes you to feel stressed, fearful, overwhelmed and burdened? Usually it is not one single factor but a pattern of energy stagnation or depletion that manifests in that way. A powerful yet often overlooked factor is our limiting beliefs and mindsets. A belief is simply a thought we keep thinking that solidifies. A mindset is a series of beliefs that resonate energetically and as such determine what experiences we will create and attract. For example a common belief among practitioners is: I am not good at business. This can often be expressed as, “I am not a business person, I wish someone else would run my business, I do not really like business, etc.”  Let’s look at this for a moment. What we believe sets the parameters for what we can experience. If you believe you are not good at business, you will attract experiences that give evidence to support that belief – your business will not take off no matter how talented you are. No matter how much time and money you put into marketing, you will not attract the clients who will allow you to experience the joys of a full practice.

Here is a simple exercise to try whenever you lack confidence or sense stagnation in your practice.

  • Make a list of the limiting beliefs you have regarding your business and your perceived ability to be successful. If you are not sure what they are, say this affirmation out loud and watch the resistance arise in your thinking:


           I have a wonderfully successful business!


  • Once you have at least one limiting belief, write it down and begin to think of exceptions that disprove this belief. For example, if the belief is, “Things never work out for me,” reflect on and write down every situation that has worked out in your life regardless of whether it is related to your business or not. Then ask yourself: Can it really be true that things NEVER work out for me when I have this list of all these things that did?
  • Then shift your awareness inside with the intention to connect with your higher self and ask: What is the truth? Allow yourself to relax and receive in a slow and intuitive way.
  • Write down the insight you receive and create at least one affirmation based on this that helps you transform the limiting belief into an empowering, healthy one.
  • Write it down and post it in several places where you can see it throughout the day. Say this affirmation first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep and watch your circumstances change.

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