If you’re a massage therapist, healer or heart-centered entrepreneur, you are in the right place!

You Can Have A Successful Private Practice

You make a big difference in the lives of your clients bringing healing, compassion and skilled touch. The quality of your presence affects the impact of your session and you know you are at your best when you have enough time to nourish yourself.  Yet this is pretty hard to do when you’re so busy trying to keep your business running and your schedule filled.

I know what it’s like. I’ve been in private practice as a Shiatsu practitioner for over 15 years. It took me a long time to discover how to create a thriving practice that supported me to do my best work.

You have gifts that the world needs. Don’t let your business struggles keep you from making the positive impact you want to make.

What’s stopping you from having the practice you want? Common ways therapists and practitioners block their success are: Acting without a clear vision and plan,

marketing to everyone rather than discovering and speaking directly to their ideal clients,

making their business management overcomplicated and time consuming,

operating from limiting beliefs and scarcity mindsets,

allowing fear to prevent them from investing in the support they need to succeed.

Discover Your Healing Archetype

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Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Imagine how it would feel to have:

  • More clarity and purpose
  • More ideal clients
  • More time and renewal
  • Greater income and impact
  • Greater fulfillment and joy

3 Simple Steps you can take right now…

Love Notes

Diane is the best! Her insight helped me transform my business model into something that is more true to my vision and self as well as improve its image to the community and my clients. Since working with her for the past 3 years, my client base has tripled and it was built on good intentions, good service, and goodwill; a solid foundation to build sustainable growth.
Jacob Hunt, President
The most amazing spot on USEFUL! Empowering guidance and coaching ever!! There are times in life that each of us needs guidance and validation times where we are unsure of our own choices and direction. It has been in these times that I have called upon Diane! However, Diane is multitalented and is also one of the best coaches I have ever encountered! Diane is far more than a coach. She is unbelievably accurate in her ability to read your circumstance and have it be completely Taylor made to you. What I mean by that is, I first experienced really being heard and understood by Diane. She then takes it a step further and provides what you need that could be a healing that could be a reading and it includes coaching. She has a way of organizing the time to make sure that you get the highest and best use of the time you get to spend with her. Best of all she leaves you with specific things to do To make whatever situation you’re dealing with work. I leave each of my sessions with her feeling empowered, so much stronger, and validated! I also am geared up with a clear idea of the path ahead. Knowing that one session doesn’t conquer everything, and she never leaves you with that idea, and yet I feel like what we accomplish in one session is far greater than any other session I have had. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone that wants coaching for their business or personal life or a reading to help sort out the challenges we all face in our lives. Thank you so much Diane!

Martha Harper, Owner
At critical points in my bodywork practice, Diane has helped me.
Creating a new class to teach, expanding my client base, making my first foray into research, these were leaps of faith that I was ill-equipped to take.
During the recorded consultations, Diane gently homes in on my sticking points. She pulls me beyond my limiting beliefs. Together we identify practical steps for an action plan.
Because of Diane’s skillful mentoring I have created things I never thought I would. My practice is richer for it, and so am I.

Alison Day LMT., Seattle, WA. Certified Zen shiatsu practitioner Certified cranio-sacral therapist.

Are you ready to attract a consistent flow of ideal clients, earn more money, and have more time?


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