Intuition deepens healing

Intentionally working from an intuitive place not only makes your sessions more powerful, it also enlivens your practice. It takes courage sometimes to go out on an intuitive limb but the more we do it, the more confident we become that we really can trust.

I remember arguing with myself internally during a session many years ago because I was getting a very clear image and sensation of a grandfather carrying my client through a field. There was also some reference to smoking. At the time, I wasn’t accustomed to relaying messages so I felt really uncomfortable with the information I was being asked to communicate. Finally, I decided to let go of how I was being perceived and instead just communicate what I was seeing in case it resonated on some level. My client filled with tears and wonder. He told me that this was very significant because his grandfather had raised him and had recently died of lung cancer. My client was a smoker and felt that his grandfather was strongly encouraging him to quit smoking, something he had been struggling to do. He left the session grateful, connected, and fully motivated to overcome his addiction.

I’ve since had other messages come through in sessions. I still hesitate when the information feels a bit out there, but so far it has really resonated with my clients. Sometimes not instantly but after they process it, they get clear and realize the relevance.

Intuition comes in different ways

Like many bodywork therapists, I rely on it to know where to work or how long or deep to hold. I will often feel the emotions of my clients when I am working on certain areas in the body. I find that this tends to happen when they are unaware or dissociated from the emotion. The emotion needs to be felt in order to shift so initially I feel it, and then I guide my client to tune into the area and see how they feel when they do this. Usually they will start crying or feeling the same emotion I had been feeling. I invite them to breathe, go deeper into the feeling and bring a nonjudgmental awareness. Usually within 1 to 3 minutes, both the emotion and the tension in the area have cleared.

You too are very intuitive whether you recognize it or not. Begin to notice how your intuition guides your sessions. Like a muscle, it gets stronger with use. Intentionally begin working on an intuitive level.

Benefits of Using Intuition

  1. A more effective and fulfilling session with your client and the ability to facilitate deeper healing.
  2. An easier time not getting attached to the results of the session. In other words, being able to let go and trust that your client received what was in his or her highest good.
  3.  Greater results with less effort.
  4.  Increased trust – between you and your client, within yourself and within you client.

It is a common struggle to get overly invested in the results of the session. By working on an intuitive level, we can bypass our ego and connect with the wisdom of the higher self. Start and end your sessions with an intention or prayer: May I be guided to facilitate a session that is in the highest good. May my client, heal, release tension and connect to the divine light within.

Tips for strengthening your intuition:

  1. Ask often to be guided by your intuition
  2. Listen for the subtle voice and be open to different ways to receive it: visual, auditory, sensory, etc.
  3. Act on the guidance
  4. Appreciate yourself for being open and following your intuitive guidance.
  5. Have fun!