About Diane

Diane Przymus is an intuitive business coach who specializes in helping wellness practitioners create a private practice they love!

How Healthy is Your Business?

What you know about energy is a powerful tool to help you grow an incredibly fulfilling and successful business. Just like we approach symptoms of illness in a client as indicators of an underlying pattern that often involves mindset, emotions, activities, and overall alignment with Source, our business requires the same. When a person is [...]

Increasing the Impact of Your Work

Intuition deepens healing Intentionally working from an intuitive place not only makes your sessions more powerful, it also enlivens your practice. It takes courage sometimes to go out on an intuitive limb but the more we do it, the more confident we become that we really can trust. I remember arguing with myself internally during [...]

Treat Your Business as You Would Your Client

Working on our businesses can be just as fun as working with clients if we start getting in the flow. The best Shiatsu treatments I give are when I am connected and helping to facilitate the flow of qi for my client. It is deeply fulfilling to hold space for our clients to release tension, [...]