Working on our businesses can be just as fun as working with clients if we start getting in the flow. The best Shiatsu treatments I give are when I am connected and helping to facilitate the flow of qi for my client. It is deeply fulfilling to hold space for our clients to release tension, emotion, and stories that no longer serve them. These deep shifts both physically and energetically result in a deep feeling of well-being for both the client and the practitioner.

The same can happen in our businesses. Rather than approaching our business as a massive to-do list, we can open to it as the inspiring vessel that it is – a structure built around our aspirations, passion, and desire to positively impact the world. We can listen deeply, feel into the places where our energy is flowing well and sense where there are blocks. We can hold space for those limiting beliefs to surface and be transformed. We can begin feeding our minds with positive vision and anticipation of what we will experience in our business. We can allow the patterns that currently seem undesirable in our businesses to illuminate areas ripe for personal growth and healing.

Exercise 1: Without judgment, observe how you are in relationship to your business. What is your overall attitude about approaching marketing, business operations, accounting versus working with clients? How do you feel when you are working on business tasks? Do you feel in a hurry or are you at ease?

Exercise 2: Notice how you show up in both of these areas and describe in detail what you observe.

When I am working with clients, I am……………………….

When I am working on my business, I am…………………………………

Now look for similarities and differences. Practice approaching your business tasks with the same level of appreciation that you feel for your clients.

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